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Why We Launched OpenMedicare

In the United States, most insured individuals are covered through their employer. According to Kaiser Family Foundation data from 2021, about 65% of Americans under 64 rely on their employer to address their health and medical expenses.

When Americans are covered by their employer, their health care coverage options are preselected by their People or Human Resources teams. Decisions around cost, network, and plan design are in the hands of their talented teammates, who typically have a clear understanding of their organization’s needs. Often, these teams have the data to forecast their group’s health utilization effectively.

Consider how this compares to the experience of someone who just turned 65: you have to choose from over 2,000 Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans, with very little data about what you’ll need covered, and you don’t have a clear sense of how much you’ll pay — let alone afford — for your insurance.

Introducing OpenMedicare

Finding Medicare coverage is a complicated and confusing process. It often takes hours of research and countless phone calls just to understand your options. There are many sources of information, including the federal government, insurance providers, and local sales agents — but each has their own bias.

Picking your Medicare policy can quickly become a major source of stress for individuals who should be focused on enjoying their retirement.

As experienced Medicare experts, we’re here to change that. OpenMedicare was built inside Wilbur Labs, a San Francisco-based startup studio, by a team of insurance and technology industry veterans. We’re addressing the growing need for transparency and personalization in the search for Medicare insurance. We empower our customers with the knowledge they need to select the health plan that fits their unique situation.

The Company Today

OpenMedicare offers detailed resources, guides, and interactive tools to help our customers understand their options. Whether you’re about to turn 65 and just getting your bearings in the world of Medicare, or you’ve been in the program for a few years and you’re looking to keep your budget balanced, OpenMedicare has the knowledge you’re looking for. When you’re ready, we connect you to an enrollment specialist who can help you finalize your plan choice.

Our experts have deep experience in the health insurance industry: they’ve authored national health care policy, conducted years of research on plan benefits, and enrolled tens of thousands of Medicare-eligible individuals in plans that meet their needs. With OpenMedicare, you’ll have a seamless experience that guides you to the right Medicare coverage and total peace of mind.

Over the months ahead, we’ll continue to create new resources to help you understand your options and hear from experts who can further advise you on your decision. We’re excited to share more about how we’re building the best destination for all things Medicare.