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Introducing Anthony Kavouras, CEO of OpenMedicare

A letter from Anthony Kavouras

Medicare provides health coverage to approximately 63 million seniors in the U.S. and yet the onboarding process continues to be a difficult and arduous one. Currently, there is no clear go-to brand that helps customers navigate the space and make informed decisions about enrollment.

OpenMedicare is changing that. We are providing simple, accessible tools, resources and trusted insights to deliver a better experience in a digital-forward way. Selecting the right healthcare plan is critical to a thriving life and we aim to help make that possible. When I met with OpenMedicare’s founding team, I walked away impressed by the level of care and consideration given to the consumer experience, their commitment to the needs of the Medicare customer, and the abundance of helpful and transparent educational materials they’ve created.

Having spent nearly 15 years at, I understand how critical the business of Medicare is. I have seen first-hand how new technology can solve huge accessibility hurdles in the consumer shopping and enrollment experience. Perhaps most importantly, in the last two years, I’ve seen how rapidly consumer behaviors are evolving and how a seamless digital experience is the right entry point to build trust. OpenMedicare was launched with transparency, education, and accessibility in mind. The thoughtful online experience allows the shopper to easily explore their options and learn on their terms. The ever-confusing healthcare market is constantly changing, and OpenMedicare helps people to make informed decisions about their options.

OpenMedicare was built inside Wilbur Labs, a startup studio with a rigorous process for identifying customer pain points and launching businesses to solve these problems. The OpenMedicare team built the business with empathy for eligible Medicare candidates, experiencing the disheartening search process themselves with parents and other family members over the age of 65. They saw how much stress and anxiety the search for a perfect plan produces, and most importantly, they saw an opportunity to alleviate this by building a trusted resource centered around education and empowerment.

OpenMedicare serves every stripe of Medicare shopper — from new-to-Medicare explorers to the seasoned annual shopper looking for the best rate. The simple, hassle-free OpenMedicare experience has resonated with thousands of consumers since launching in 2021. With over 10,000 people aging into Medicare every day, OpenMedicare is well-positioned to be the go-to site for learning about Medicare and securing the right coverage.

As I take on the role of OpenMedicare’s CEO, I will work alongside the team as we continue to offer the best search experience, education, and resources while expanding our product lines to serve even more consumers. Quality healthcare is a basic right. As I said above, selecting the right plan is fundamental to a thriving life and making the right decision can impact your health and finances in a life-changing way.

As we approach the Annual Election Period, I look forward to rapidly expanding OpenMedicare and helping even more seniors find the right plans for themselves and their families.

Anthony Kavouras Signature

Anthony Kavouras
CEO of OpenMedicare

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