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How to Choose the Right Mental Health Provider With Medicare
Finding the right provider calls for understanding the role of each type of provider, identifying various potential candidates, then going through the selection process.
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How to Avoid Medicare Marketing Traps: What to Watch Out For
The best protection against private insurers offering deceptive or predatory Medicare plans continues to be an educated consumer. Read this guide to understand what to look out for.
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Medicare Glossary of Terms: Important Definitions & Terminology
Medicare's vast amount of unfamiliar terminology can be difficult to grasp. We present this glossary to help you understand the language of Medicare.
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Medicare & Social Security: How They Work Together
It’s essential to understand how Medicare and Social Security are similar and how they differ, because they both play a role in retirement once people hit their 60s.
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Medicare Part A: What It Covers & How It Works
Medicare Part A is one of the two parts of Original Medicare, consisting of Part A and Part B. If you want to know more about how this program works, we’ve provided a detailed, easy-to-follow synopsis.
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How Do I Sign Up for Medicare?
Is your 65th birthday around the corner? If so, it may be time for you to start thinking about enrolling in Medicare.
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Medicare Prior to 65
Most Medicare beneficiaries enroll in Medicare when they turn 65, or after if they are working and then subsequently when they retire. However, there are situations when you can enroll in Medicare before your 65th birthday.
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Medicare Enrollment & Eligibility
If you're applying for a Medigap, Medicare Advantage, or Part D policy, you'll want to read this guide.
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Medicare vs. Medicaid
Understand the differences between the two.
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What is Medicare? A Quick Introduction
Learn about Medicare, the national health insurance program in the United States.
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