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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenMedicare?

OpenMedicare makes it easy to find the coverage you’re looking for. We help anyone looking for Medicare Supplemental and Medicare Advantage plans find the insurance policy that meets their budget and their needs. You can learn more about OpenMedicare here.

How does OpenMedicare work?

OpenMedicare bridges the gap between individuals looking for coverage and licensed sales agents who are able to answer your questions and help you select the plan that fits you.

We start by collecting some information about you to determine what plans you’re eligible for. Then, we securely match you with an expert advisor who will discuss your needs and suggest enrollment options.

How does OpenMedicare make money?

OpenMedicare’s partners compensate us for each individual who connects with them through OpenMedicare. Whether you purchase a plan doesn’t affect our compensation, so our partners have an incentive to suggest a plan that puts your needs first. They are competing for your business!

Who does OpenMedicare partner with?

OpenMedicare’s partner portfolio includes major national insurance carriers and brokerages. If you’re interested in partnering with OpenMedicare, please contact us at or submit a business inquiry via our Contact Us page for more information.