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About us

OpenMedicare makes it easy to find the coverage you’re looking for.
Finding Medicare coverage is a complicated and confusing process. All too often, it takes hours of research and countless phone calls just to get a sense of your options.

We’re here to change that. OpenMedicare was founded to address the growing need for transparency in the search for insurance. We empower our customers with the knowledge they need to select the health plan that fits their unique situation.

With us, you’ll have a seamless experience that gives you great Medicare coverage and peace of mind.

OpenMedicare is not an insurance company or broker and is not endorsed by the United States government or by Medicare.

Our Process

Ask the right questions.
Enrolling in Medicare is a time-consuming process. OpenMedicare will identify what benefits are most important to you, so you can find a fit faster.
Connect with an expert.
Our partners are licensed sales agents who have been certified by insurance providers and the federal government.
Choose your plan.
Our partners offer a wide selection of over 1,000 plans nationwide. We’ll find the right one for you and help you enroll.

Find the right
Medicare plan for you.

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